• Egocast with Netstream

  • Egocast uses Netstream technology. Netstream is a peer-to-peer technology for transferring and streaming data, which is implemented on the UDP protocol. Netstream technology works on the local area network, this is a serverless technology. The technology is divided into network environment and system environment. The network environment is any local area network (WiFi / bluetooth / ethernet) with the ability to exchange data using the UDP unicast / broadcast protocol. The system environment is the logical entity in which network nodes interact. Network node is a device (smartphone, PC, tablet PC, etc) with a running instance of Netstream technology. All nodes in the same network are connected to each other. Data transfer is carried out from one node to another via a direct UDP unicast protocol.


    Netstream logo


  • The network environment is a set of hardware and software things and here realized the access of network nodes to each other. The system environment is the implementation of protocols for interaction of network nodes with each other. Netstream technology includes a number of protocols, stack of protocols. This is proprietary technology. Below we describe short interaction scheme of network nodes.


    Netstream peer-to-peer interaction

  • Suppose we already have 5 network nodes inside network at the start interaction. All nodes in this network are already connected to the each other, please see picture below (rings are network nodes, lines are the established connection between nodes).


  • After that somebody runs new Netstream technology instance, for example: egocast application. In this way we have 6th node without any connection, please see the next picture.


  • Netstream technology automatic discoveries new node in the same network and connects stack of protocols from one node to another. In our example 6th node will make connection with all 5 nodes.


  • As a result (in our interaction example) we have full function peer-to-peer network with 6 nodes. From the very beginning to the end we have end-to-end encrypted connection.




    Netstream technology features

  • • Cross platform technology
  • • Flexible and effective CPU and memory usage
  • • Based on UDP unicast / broadcast protocol
  • • Full duplex peer-to-peer connection
  • • Support traffic encryption
  • • End-to-end encryption
  • • Streaming multimedia data
  • • Guaranteed data transfer delivery
  • • And many other features…

Social group inside WiFi

  • Egocast allows you to create and manage social group inside WiFi. In egocast network you can make calls, exchange messages, send files and photos. Communicate with friends and meet new people where there is WiFi.

Simply, confidentially, works without internet!

  • Egocast includes automatic users discovery and building of contact list. Egocast network supports unlimited numbers of users. No need registration. Full traffic end-to-end encryption. Internet connection is not required, just WiFi network!