Q: What is the maximum number of users can be in the egocast network?
A: At the moment there is no limit to the number of users inside the network.

Q: What is the difference between egocast and egocast x?
A: Egocast x is extended egocast version. More details here.

Q: What about IPv6 networks?
A: Now egocast supports IPv4 networks only. IPv6 maybe in future…

Q: What kind of type WiFi networks is supported by egocast?
A: Egocast supports any type of WiFi network: 802.11g/802.11n/802.11ac/etc…

Q: How can I transfer my files to egocast application?
A: Please read this instruction for egocast and this instruction for egocast x.

Q: What does it mean «No WiFi connection» message?
A: There is no wireless connection at this time, please reconnect to WiFi router.

Q: What characters can I use for fill my egoname?
A: You can use from 6 to 32 symbols from english alphabet as your egoname. You can use characters from this set: ‘A-Z’ ‘a-z’ ‘0-9’ ‘_+-(){}[]<>!@#$^&*=.,:;|’ and space ‘ ‘ also.

Social group inside WiFi

  • Egocast allows you to create and manage social group inside WiFi. In egocast network you can make calls, exchange messages, send files and photos. Communicate with friends and meet new people where there is WiFi.

Simply, confidentially, works without internet!

  • Egocast includes automatic users discovery and building of contact list. Egocast network supports unlimited numbers of users. No need registration. Full traffic end-to-end encryption. Internet connection is not required, just WiFi network!