Main features

  • • Exchange messages
  • • Sending several files and photos simultaneously
  • • Voice calls
  • • Control your contact list with ban function
  • • Local file browser and storage with share function
  • • Full traffic end-to-end encryption
  • • Personal profile settings
  • • Network status
  • • Import and export personal profile information
  • • Periodic background synchronization of users list, messages and files
  • • Long term network sessions, save history during 24 hours
  • • Share files with extension and import from other applications
  • • Automatic receive of image files
  • • Available in ‘egocast’ and ‘egocast x’


Extended features

  • • More securely encryption
  • • Extended profile information
  • • Extended message history
  • • Extended ban list
  • • More files and photos for sending simultaneously
  • • Available in ‘egocast x’


Download egocast

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Download egocast x

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Contact information

Social group inside WiFi

  • Egocast allows you to create and manage social group inside WiFi. In egocast network you can make calls, exchange messages, send files and photos. Communicate with friends and meet new people where there is WiFi.

Simply, confidentially, works without internet!

  • Egocast includes automatic users discovery and building of contact list. Egocast network supports unlimited numbers of users. No need registration. Full traffic end-to-end encryption. Internet connection is not required, just WiFi network!