Welcome to egocast! Egocast helps to connect people which are nearby with you. Different people have various interests, but people in one place often have something in common.




    Airport. Many of us are familiar with the problem of poor quality internet connection at the airport. The egocast system does not require an internet connection. Just connect to big WiFi infrastructure of airport and communicate with all nearby people. Stay connected and find new interesting people with background synchronization feature. Download egocast and see for yourself right now.




    Office. Save on internet traffic and stay in your secure personal WiFi network. Stay connected with your office colleagues within background synchronization feature or enable ‘Do not lock the device’ feature. You do not need to install and configure network servers. All what you need is egocast application and access to WiFi router, the egocast network is automatically created.




    Hotel. Meet your neighbors using the egocast network. Discuss your plans for the evening, room service, breakfast, lunch and dinner. Send your files and photos. You can find all WiFi users in your egocast contact list. Just download egocast, connect to WiFi router and go ahead!




    Conference. Egocast allows to join a group of people into one community. You do not need internet traffic to communicate on any topics. Install one or more WiFi routers for the egocast network, download egocast and connect to WiFi router. The number of users inside the egocast network is unlimited.




    Shop. Large shops have a large WiFi network. In large WiFi network we have more users of egocast. The egocast network expands automatically. You do not need to add someone to your contact list. All users from the same WiFi network are automatically added to your contact list.